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Here is some information on what to look for when purchasing any hobby grade RC vehicle.


Nitro RC’s are powered by a small Nitro Engine,  look for the size of the engine, ask what kind of performance or speeds to expect from it, a single speed or 2 speed also affects top end speeds. for example: the SH18 is a very powerful and reliable engine for the 1/10 scale size with a 2 speed transmission it pushes speed from 60 – 80 kph on a radar. 

Electric RC’s will be powered by High Performance rechargeable NiMh or Li-po Batteries.

  Expected run time on the stock battery may very.  Motor type, brand, size and `KV` power. 


 Replacement parts are very important. Part inventory & support is key. Being able to get replacement parts for your RC should be as easy as possible. You may also want to check if upgrades are available for your RC. All replacement parts, upgrades and aftermarket accessories are available for models we carry.


 The Radio & receiver, look for a 2.4GHz radio system setup, they are much better than the standard AM/FM Transmitters. The 2.4GHz system is upgraded for more range and includes a built-in fail safe (if you turn the Radio off it will hit the brakes on the RC).  For more information click here


After many tests done at our racing events, we find VP Racing Fuel to run the best on our nitro vehicles. With the nice mixture of 20% nitro and 9% oil, this setup will not over heat your nitro engine and give you maximum performance. But please don’t take our word for it, just test it yourself.


The cost to get into the RC world may vary from brand to brand. Have a mental check-list on what you will need to get your RC up and running. Is it ready to run out of the box? Is it a kit you have to build?  We encourage you to research before purchasing any RC, find out what kind of RC you are looking for (on Road/off Road/nitro/car/truck/electric/gas?/etc..). Will you need a radio?, electronics?, fuel?, battery? etc.. .  This will help you to find the right RC that best fits your needs. The Redcat Racing lineup comes ready to run out of the box, just charge the battery and you are ready to run)


Don’t be afraid to ask questions, Remember make sure you get the RC that YOU want.

Have fun and enjoy your new Remote Control vehicle . 


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