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Thanks to “nitrosportsandrunner” from the  RC universe forum for his fantastic tips below. using with permission.

1st: Check all screws. Look for any excessive play in the wheels. camber and steering linkage: Move them to the hole closest to the hub. The further out the linkage is placed, the more likely the hub arm is to break. 

Bodies: They will break. Doesn’t matter the brand or make, all bodies break at some point. Simple things like covering the inside with duct tape (or better yet, gorilla tape) can help. Also, if you put a thin washer over the body post…this will spread the load of an impact over a larger area of the body. 

Dog bones: Many models have some play with the dogbones…more than is needed. small pieces of nitro fuel tubing in the drive cups allow the dogbones to move some, but not so much that they wear out quickly. Along with that, is dogbone angle. If you raise you suspension up as high as it can go…the dogbones are at a greater angle and thus more likely to bind or rub against the edge of the drive cups, thus causing more wear. Not saying you should drop the suspension all the way down, but in the middle is best. 

Jumping: Do not have the throttle pegged when your model lands! Whether its a nitro or electric, this will cause drive-train damage…usually spur gear or diff gears. sometimes a dogbone can snap from a bad landing with the throttle on. 

Keep it clean: Kinda speaks for itself. Think to check around the inside of the wheels if you went threw any tall grass as it can get caught up between the hub and wheel. that will cause drag. For nitros this is tougher, as dirt likes to stick to the parts. Use and old tooth brush, get that dirt away. 

Keep fresh AA’s: Don’t ignore that blinking light on your radio….and keep in mind how long you have run with the same “AA”s on your nitro’s receiver pack. Don’t want those to die on you. Another tip is use a rubber band on the car battery case for extra security.

When you go out to play: Take your starter kit tools. A wheel wrench, screwdriver, pliers and zipties can save the day and keep the fun going! 

Don’t let your buddy drive your model: Unless you are certain he would pay for any damage he may cause…..  get your own BRO! this rc is mine!

Don’t get frustrated: Hey, it happens to long-time RC’ers. Dang nitro wont start, or why wont my ESC calibrate. Don’t rush to find a solution, this will often cause mistakes! Making large adjustments to your nitro’s needle settings cause it wont start….when it could just be a bad glow plug, or an igniter that needs to be recharged! Cool down, and take the time to look things over 1st. For me, I know frustration has caused me to snap a pull cord! If only I had taken the time to check my igniter  

Keep organized: I personally fail at this. Keeping parts, tools, your model and any accessories in a safe place that is organized will save you a ton of time and help to keep your model up and running. 

 Don’t get shocked: I have seen some people put on connectors with electrical tape, and then not do a good job at that. Almost any ESC will fry if it gets reversed voltage(wires crossed) from a battery. Its always best to put on new connectors with solder. Its not an easy thing for some to learn, but most any hobby shop will help you learn or do it for you.  And if you find a servo or ESC wire has a nick in it, then cover it up with electrical tape. Don’t leave it so that it can get wet or touch another wire. 

Don’t leave batteries: NIMH batteries don’t like to be left in the cold. Nor do they like to go months without being charged. Lipo batteries don’t suffer from these things, but that’s a whole other lesson. So, keep your nimh batteries in a warm place and fully charged. 

Bearings: A very important part of any model! They do wear out, or rust if they get wet. When this happens, the parts they support will suffer as well. If you have excessive tire wobble, or your center drive shaft or spur gear wiggles about…a bad bearing could be to blame. Replace it before the wiggling and wobbling result in damage to other parts. 

Wiring: Keep it neat. zip ties, tape or whatever you want to use, but keep wires so that they do not flop about when the model is running. servo and esc wires are often longer than needed, and if the extra is allow to move about alot, they could snag something and get damaged. 

Have fun! Remember its a Hobby to have an RC so have fun with it, race with your friends or go off roading with it. Its all up to you but keep in mind safety first, practicing and getting familiar with your RC will help you or prevent any collision.

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