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From our experience of the "Blackout" models we have learned the following:

- XBE is the most durable with a built-in roll cage.

- They come ready to run with much more powerful batteries out of the box  (3200LiPo included in Brushless)

- The easiest RC to replace any parts on, they also use 40% fewer different parts* see image below.

- Brand name electronics ( Hobbywing ESC )

- Waterproof Electronics ( ESC, Receiver )

-2.4 GHz Radio with aliment, steering trims and built-in fail save.

- 4 wheel drive , full ball bearings everywhere and CVD's on the front.

-  All Metal drive shafts for the strongest off-Roading experience.

-  Metal Drive gears and Metal Spider gears in both differentials .

- High customization (you can add lights, tires, bodies.. etc.)

- Best part support, tech support and all replacement parts always in stock.

- Best priced for value compared to other similar RC's on the market.

Redcat Racing Blackout Color Coded Schematic | 40 % Fewer Parts Than Most RC Cars!

Are you ready for an adrenaline explosion? Fast and powerful, the Blackout line of RC Trucks are equipped with powerful brushed (XTE, SC) or brushless (XTE PRO, SC PRO) electric motors, with heat sinks, and forward/reverse ESCs. Ready to run out of the box, the Blackouts are eager to heat up the neighborhood. Complete with battery and charger, these monster trucks & SUVs have everything you need to get started.

Shaft driven 4WD provides you with the necessary traction to maneuver the toughest obstacles and the forward/reverse ESC is beneficial in navigating tight spots.

All of the Blackouts have a lightweight plastic chassis, four oil filled adjustable coil over shocks, and independent suspension which offer rock solid performance as the soft compound truck tires leave disaster in their path. Fear not! A 2.4GHz radio system and waterproof electronics ensure control, for those who dare to unleash the power of the Blackout!

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